Natural Jute Square Storage Basket - 7" x 7" x 5"

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You can never have too many baskets. Fill this lovely, square-ish basket with ripe figs, cloth napkins, errant legos, or growing acorn collections...whatever your heart can dream up. Also lovely in the bath for hand towels or bath bombs etc. 5" tall x 7" wide x 7" long

Called "the golden fiber", jute is gorgeous powerhouse. In contrast to cotton and synthetics it's as au nauturale and sustainable as they come and the ultra-sturdy plant fibers yields baskets that can take a licking and keep on picking (up all the extra detritus in your house). Fair wage.

Jute's durability comes in part from its flexibility. These baskets are delightfully pliable, standing up firm when full, but can also fold or bend for maximum storage utility. If your basket gets a crease or you want to reshape, submerge in water and lay flat to dry, or steam and reshape.

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