Kita-Bosha Pencils - 24 Rainbow Colors

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Made for little creatives or big ones, this smooth and lovely rainbow of Japanese pencils are made with lightfast oil-based pigments, bringing vivid colors, smooth touch, and excellent adhesion to paper to your creative practice. Non-toxic and made of recyclable wood with a 'just right' level of hardness. Slide-out interior paper tray keeps pencils organized. Each pencil is labeled with its color: red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue, purple, brown, light blue, pink, white, black, vermillion, chrome yellow, deep green, ultramarine, magenta, carmine, Vandyke brown, yellow ochre, light orange, grey, gold, silver

About The Line: This 5th generation Japanese pencil maker believes in the zen power of the right writing utensil. The founder once said "A pencil sacrifices itself to serve people. Both humans and pencils need cores, and the current president has said: "You can't write with a pencil unless you sharpen yourself. No matter how good the core is, if you don't sharpen it, you can't dream." Made with the highest quality cypress and cedar, each pencil writes about 31 miles (longer than a marathon!).

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