Farmhouse Short Sheepskin - Ivory

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These deliciously soft New Zealand sheepskins are sustainably sourced and ethically finished, with an easy-to-care-for low pile. We love them: Layered on a couch, settee, bench, or dining room chair for a luxe-soft cushion. Adorning the driver's seat (and/or shotgun!) for a smooth ride. Tossed bedside so that the first thing you plop your feet onto is glorious softness. On the floor with babe for a cozy-safe tummy time. Worn around your shoulders like a Viking Queen (maybe that's just Ruby?). There is literally no location or activity that isn't improved with the addition of a dreamy, cloud-soft sheepskin. While size, shape, and coloration may vary, these are roughly 52" x 36".

Take Care: A sheepskin can handle a lot of "abuse". Spot cleaning and occasionally brushing it with a wide-toothed comb can rev it back up. If you need to call in the big guns, these can be hand-washed or can even go in a cold machine on a delicate cycle. Reshape and dry flat, resting on a towel, away from direct heat or sun.

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