A Few Mushrooms Letterpress Art Print - 12 x 18"

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A letterpress print of a few mushrooms from common edibles like the morel and chanterelle to the highly poisonous death cap mushroom. From left to right: Shaggy Ink Cap, Chanterelle, Oyster Mushrooms, Death Cap, Shaggy Parasol, Delicious Milky Cap, King Bolete, Morel, and Fly Agaric. Perfect for mushroom enthusiasts, lovers of food, finders, and those who love walking in the woods.

Size: 12" x 18"
Paper: 100% cotton paper
Printing: letterpress (mushrooms from magnesium plates and text from handset metal type)
Ink colours: multiple (this print went through the press 12 times to add all the different layers and colours)

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