Fun Pun Wall Clock with Second Hand - White - 14in

Article number: YD04-08L or YD14-08L
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Winner of both the 2017 Good Design Award and the 2019 Kids Design Award, this clock's concentric circles of hours and minutes doesn't just look gorgeous, it's specifically designed to help children understand how an analog clock works. Like beautiful training wheels for learning to tell time, the hour comes visually first, followed by the actual minutes. And while this would look aces in the kitchen to tell the thyme or in the bedroom when you're reading the daily snooze, the "fun pun" in this iconic clock's name is actually a wink to how the time is stated aloud in Japanese. In Japanese, you read 5 minutes as "go(five)-fun", 10 minutes "ju(ten)-pun", 15 minutes "jugo(fifteen)-fun" and 20 minutes "niju(twenty)-pun". Like most good things, this is as great for kiddoes as it is for design-minded, digitally saturated adults.

About the line: Renowned for their natural housings, precision mechanisms, celebrated designs (this particular clock is designed by Yuichi Nara), and completely silent clockworks, Lemnos Clocks are made in a 70 year old factory that began its life producing intricate brass altar fittings for Japanese Buddhist monasteries. It is unsurprising, then, that these clocks take a minimalist, meditative stance on time. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is what we have, silence is what we require. Om.

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