Handwoven Low Bolga Tray - 13" to 14" D - Extra Small

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Fair-trade sourced and hand-woven in Ghana in the traditional style, these cheery, sturdy baskets are made from sweet-smelling, sustainably harvested elephant grass, a time-honored material that Ghanaian artisans have used to make baskets for centuries. With two hardy side handles and a generous flat bottom, these are a favorite stylish corraller with infinite uses. Shoes, towels, toys, fruit, newspapers, babies, kittens, puppies, OTHER BASKETS...you name it, this stores it.

Take care: These baskets are made to be used and loved. They can take a...mauling and keep on hauling. If your basket gets misshapen, it's easy to re-form it. Simply submerge the basket in water for 5-10 minutes (at which point the sweet smell of the grass will waft around you, a nice side effect), remove, reshape, and let dry completely on a towel.

13" across x 4" tall (though these baskets are hand made and there may be slight variations).

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