Children's Red Bucket

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No holes in this shiny red enamel-coated bucket! The littlest Foundry Family Members love toting acorns, collecting rocks, hauling sand for architectural projects, clearing the deck for new sidewalk chalk masterworks, or bringing along on a walk for any number of gathered treasures. Anything a bucket should do, this bucket does it, but small. And while its modest stature and easy-swinging smooth wooden handle makes it ideal for little hands, grown-ups with small tasks love it too. Lillian in particular loves sudsing up a little bucket and doing some aggressive (and aggressively cute) spot cleaning. One Foundry Family Member also keeps one by the door as a home for clean children's socks in advance of boots-on o'clock. 6" tall, 1 1/2 liters.p>

Enamelware is metal, not ceramic, so don't put it in the microwave! It's made from steel fused with melted glass and fired at exceptionally high temperatures to achieve its signature glossy-hard finish. This process makes it easy to clean, rust-averse, safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, or freezer, and long lasting. There's a reason your grandmother still has hers. Like many centuries-old techniques, the hand-dipped coating + hand-painted details can present subtle variations in each piece. We think they're charming, and, never fear, these "imperfections" won't affect use.

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