8/13/2021 Foundry Giving Friday: Wildflyer Coffee

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8/13/2021 Foundry Giving Friday: Wildflyer Coffee

Every Friday The Foundry Home Goods donates 5% of our total sales to a different community-nominated small-and-mighty cause. This Friday's Foundry Giving Friday recipient? Wildflyer Coffee!

Just like every other beloved local coffee spot, Minneapolis' own Wildflyer Coffee is a cozy, wonderful, welcoming place filled with the rich scent of freshly roasted and ground beans, the soft whirr and hiss of steam and foaming milk, and talented baristas who know their way around a swirly milk design and whether their regulars take hot or iced by heart. Unlike every other beloved local coffee spot, Wildflyer Coffee is ALSO dedicated to providing job stability to youth experiencing homelessness. Simple, brilliant. They say it best:

When you see our employees ringing you up at the register and steaming milk to the perfect temperature for your morning latte, you're actually witnessing our six-month work and life skills training program.

And while they're handing you your afternoon pick-me-up, we're also providing nonwork-related support such as housing referrals, counseling, educational pathways, connections to post-program employment, transportation assistance, and basic needs supplies. 

We've designed our unique employment program to provide the critical skills our youth will need to succeed in both the workforce and in life. The extra cost of these supportive services, as well as the overhead of training in new cohorts every six months, is far more than a traditional coffee shop could reasonably absorb. Right now, we are 70% funded through income the shop earns and 30% funded through contributions from our generous donors, who make sure we can provide more than a job for each youth who enters our doors. 

Talk about a fresh brew! If you don't need anything from us, please consider donating directly to support the Wildflyer Coffee here (or bop on over to Longfellow and grab a drink!).

If you do find yourself in need of a hemp coffee filter for your Wildflyer beans or a new favorite mug for your brew, know that your purchase goes to support good change happening on the community level.

Thanks to Susie for the nomination!

If YOU have a worthy cause to nominate for our Foundry Giving Friday initiative, pop on over to our Nomination Page and drop us a line. We're all in this together.



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