Turned Wood Beech Bowl - 12"

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Each of these exquisite bowls is milled in Michigan from a single piece of American Beech. The pale, creamy, sustainably harvested hardwood is unstained, finished with rich, food-safe mineral oil to let the natural grain and tone shine. At 12" this is the perfect size for bringing salad to table or for a big gorgeous vegetarian main (hello, chickpeas with capers + olives) and nests with its other Beech bowl friends.

The brilliant, fascinating, and hyper-specialized bowl-making process starts with a whole Beech tree, freshly delivered from the forest, wick and green. The artisans measure, mark, and cut blocks to size, trim, edge, and lathe a series of incrementally smaller nesting bowls from each block, smooth, sand, and plane each bowl to make it level and even, steam the finished bowls to remove sap and close the pores of the wood, and finish each gorgeous bowl by hand-dipping it in a food-safe mineral oil bath. The resulting (ahem, perfectly giftable) bowls are heirloom-quality gorgeous, each with a stunning unique tone and grain depending on the life-history of their tree. Bowls of this exact style have been found aboard shipwrecks from the 1500's sooo imagine how long this might last if instead of sending it to rest in the briny deep you gave it a quick rubdown with oil every now and then? SALAD FOREVER.

Take Care: Never let water stand in a wooden bowl for a long period of time and please don't run it through the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry and apply your favorite food-safe wood conditioner when necessary (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry). Made from a fresh wick tree, these bowls may take on a slight oval shape as they age. This is normal (and beautiful!) and does not affect use. Keeping your bowl moisturized can also slow down this natural subtle resting, if you like.

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