Natural Grass Bolga Shopper Basket with Handle - 15" x 18"

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Fair-trade sourced and hand-woven in Africa in the traditional Ghanaian style, these classic market baskets are made from sweet-smelling, sustainably harvested elephant grass. With a leather-wrapped handle and a generous flat bottom, these are a favorite stylish corraller with infinite uses. While these sure do look + perform great picking up that CSA or cruising the market, Foundry Family members use them around the house for: corralling newspapers and periodicals, keeping throws and blankets close at hand, scooping up toys at the end of a melee day, to hold leashes and pup accoutrements by the door, as a trug in the garden, as a receptacle for shoes by the door...basically these generous shoppers are just the trick for anything (and everything) that needs to be contained. Since these are hand-made, exact weaving patterns and handle colors vary, if you have something specific in mind, get in touch!

Take care: These baskets are made to be used and loved. They can take a...mauling and keep on hauling. If your basket somehow gets misshapen, it's easy to re-form it. Simply submerge the basket in water (keeping the leather handle above the water line) for 5-10 minutes (at which point the sweet smell of the grass will waft around you, a nice side effect), remove, reshape, and let dry completely on a towel.

| Lillian 02-12-2020 03:10

Lillian owns + loves these things!
You CAN fit a full multi-layer cake on a cake stand in this guy. Bend the handle to the side, squeeze that sucker in and use towels or crumpled paper to fluff the sides and prevent the cakestand from tipping over. Okay, definitely not the most common use but it's MY most frequent use :)

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