Children's Handbroom

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This tiny, perfect handbroom is equally useful for sweeping up the boundless clutter of imaginative childhood play (I'm a unicorn wrangler! we're in a forest where the trees drop glitter instead of leaves! you're a bear that's also a janitor!) as well as effortlessly tackling small-scale messes in real life. Creative play is one of those mundane miracles of childhood learning and this oiled beechwood and horsehair German play-tool is often found in both Montessori and Waldorf educational settings. Bring some of that magic to your own littlest sweeper and let them help with tasks they're totally capable of.

Has a hole in the handle for a hanging loop.

Note: While this tiny, perfect brush is certainly a wonderful (and useful!) thing for a child, there is absolutely no age restriction on making tidy magic. The soft bristles and small stature makes it especially ideal for fine dusts like woodstove ash and flour and for removing crumbs etc. from the tablecloth.

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