Designed in Great Britain and sandcast in a 175 year old foundry in France, these brilliant, streamlined, matte black pots are stealthy workhorse glamourpusses in the best possible way. While they have the look, feel, and usability of classic cast iron, they're actually finished with a specially formulated matte black enamel, making them virtually indestructible AND not quite as persnickety as our grandmother's beloved old skillets. Suitable for all ranges—including induction, we love how these effortlessly transition from stovetop to oven to ever-so-stylish tableside serving. The universal lid, which is brilliantly interchangeable with all sizes in the range, is also suitable for the oven at any temp (unlike some other dutch ovens...let's just say they rhyme with shay shmeuset). Ideal for no-knead breads and jambalayas who need to keep their tops on at high heat. Let's get cookin'.


To keep these pans slick and beautiful, we recommend treating them like you would any other enameled cookware: hand wash and dry, use wooden or plastic utensils, and avoid abrasive chemicals or bleach.

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