Swedish Birch Peg Rack with 7 Pegs - 26"

Article number: T1-23-F-09067
Availability: SOLD OUT , but we will be restocking the shelves in a shake of a lamb's tail!

A place for everything and everything it its place. Sturdy, streamlined, and (glory of glories) beautifully useful, this is our absolute favorite hanging peg rack. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways: in the bathroom for towels and robes, in the kitchen for pots and pans, in the hallway for coats and bags, in the bedroom for dressing gowns and cashmere throws, in the nursery for babe wraps and diaper bags, in the mudroom for backpacks and dog leashes, in the potting shed for sun hats and work gloves, in the garage for hand tools and chainsaw pants (just us?)...This deep and diesel peg rack is strong enough to hang anything and pretty enough to go anywhere.Comes with mounting hardware. 26" x 3" x 2.16"

Note: While the top and bottom edges are delicately beveled, the sides are flush, meaning that these can be hung in a series of long rows, as well as mixed and matched with the other peg lengths to fit your space. One of our dear pals has cracked the code of her apartment's long and narrow hallway with a seemingly endless, Shaker-inspired line of these, mounted end-to-end. And, while the pale raw birch wood is perfectly minimalist as-is, the wood is also suitable for paint or stain. You do you.

| Lillian 02-12-2020 03:01

Lillian owns + loves these things!
Seriously in almost every room of my house.

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