Pastry Brush

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Challah at ya boy. From egg washes to butter crusts, this perfectly proportioned pastry brush is a dream tool. With its tidy bundles of hand-sewn all-natural horsehair bristles and slender waxed birch handle, this brush is specifically designed for dabbing and basting onto delicate doughs. Absent glue, screws, and a metal ferrule, where other brushes' bristles fall out or get kinky, this one stands up to the rigors of baking and basting. Individually hand-crafted in Sweden.

Note: We're so fond of this brush that we keep two in rotation in our kitchen: one for baking and one for working with meat. This is 100% the ideal tool for buttering up a roast chicken, basting with pan juices, working with wet sauces and marinades, and adding a finishing glaze. When in doubt, go savory.

Take Care: With a bit of easy maintenance, this brush can last for years. Clean the bristles with plain water or the soap of your choosing, shake out excess water, and allow brush to dry with the bristles down. Occasionally oil the wood with your preferred wood conditioner (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry), being sure to allow enough time for the wood to absorb the oil before its next use.

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