O'Band Rubber Bands - Large 500 gram Bag

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Like so many things, these classic Japanese rubber bands make us feel like we didn't know what we've been missing on the rubber band front (sorry, random collection of miscellaneous rubber bands salvaged from bunches of kale and bouquets of flowers). Made from natural vulcanized rubber, these bands are thin, supple, stretchy, and never snap back at you, just like Ruby. They also come in their own marvelous steel hinged tin to save the back of your drawers/doorknobs from insanity. Just like the tin says: "Neater! Quicker! Cheaper! than string". 500 grams worth of rubber bands/approximately 3,400. Size #16/ 2.4" flat before stretchingå

About The Line: Founded in 1923 as a manufacturer of inner tubes and tires, Kyowa discovered the endless humble potential of their products when a few bicycle tires ended up sliced and diced. The endlessly stretchy and resilient bands became the original "O-Band", 'king of the rubber band'.

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