Handblown Mexican Recycled Pint Glass 14oz

Article number: T1-23-F-06561
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Exquisitely delicate yet surprisingly sturdy, these substantial pint glasses are a joy to drink from. Perfect for your favorite brew (obviously) these are also our preferred way to drink a lot of water, fast. Hydrate, baby, hydrate! Perfectly imperfect and satisfyingly weighty, these are like the Imperial Pint glass' cool older brother who spends winters surfing down in Baja. 6" high x 3 1/2" around.

About the maker: Hand-blown in a second-generation woman-run furnace in a small town in Jalisco called Tonala, each piece is individually crafted by a team of three glass blowers working in an open air studio using only recycled glass stock. Picture bougainvillea hanging over the finishing kiln. These pieces are both elegant and bohemian, simple and classic, made to be used, and loved.

Take Care: While the handblown glass can handle the occasional all-night party in the dishwasher, we like to hand wash ours to be on the safe side (and that way the last beer glass is ready for the morning's first michelada, er, OJ)

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