Stone Washed Linen Napkin - Ivory - 20 x 20"

Article number: Ivory - 20 x 20"
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hink linen is fussy and high maintenance? Think again. These exquisite linens are here to blow your mind. Super strong, incredibly durable, and totally machine washable, these linens are naturally elegant and built to last. Lovingly of 100% linen (our favorite dark horse workhorse fiber) we use these all day everyday. Perfect for dinner parties, breakfast soirees, lunch liaisons, and anything else you can imagine (one Foundry Mama always keeps a stash in her bag for use as a handkerchief/headscarf/multi-purpose babe-cleaner-upper). Use them and abuse them, they just get better with age. Go forth and make marinara.

Take Care: These napkins are safe to take a tumble in the washer + dryer (and, in fact, will get softer and more absorbent with age). We recommend skipping the fabric softener as it can cause napkins to lose their absorbency. The more you know.

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