Jicon Tiny Tri Leaf Porcelain Dish - 2.75''

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Made in the 350 year old Touetsugama porcelain kiln (but intended by their designer, Oji Masanori, to be used and loved everyday) these delicate-seeming pieces are the perfect mixture of classic porcelain artistry and a modern sensibility. i.e: they're ideal for people who have exquisite taste who also eat breakfast off of plates and drink whiskey out of cups. While porcelain is often considered fancy or fussy, it's actually historically prized for its extreme hardness and strength. That classic, diamond-hard quality is combined with a warm, lustrous, alabaster glaze, and geometric + botanical silhouettes that feel straight out of a Buddhist temple (or the Alhambra) for beautiful, functional pieces that feel as wonderful in hand as they look on your table.

Take Care: Who said porcelain was high maintenance? These gorgeous porcelain pieces are good to go in the microwave, fridge, or dishwasher.

Jicon Porcelain: These exquisite, extremely durable Japanese porcelain pieces are finished with a gorgeous matte glaze that is specifically designed subtly patinate.
Jicon Porcelain 2: Please be aware: hard, extensive use of metal utensils will leave subtle streak marks on the surfaces. These markers of personal use are distinct to each piece, and have long been enjoyed in Japan, where this porcelain is made and loved.
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