Japanese Yoshita Vegetable Peeler

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This simple, lovely, streamlined peeler pretty much defines elegant workhorse. With its weightless handle shaped from a single piece of steel, razor sharp blades, and delicately lovely curves, this Japanese Peeler practically has us running into the kitchen to prep potatoes and carrots. Who wants soup? Thai salad!? Bring. It. On. Because of its delicately swiveling blade, wider spaced handle, and its Y shape, this peeler is suitable for use in either hand (hooray for lefties!) and the large opening between the blade and the handle allows for large swaths of bulky peels to fall effortlessly away from whatever you're peeling instead of getting stuck between the blade and the handle and killing your flow (lookin' at you, butternut squash).

Note: This pretty powerhouse is equally as wonderful for peeling fruits and vegetables as for shaving perfect, cocktail-hour ready slivers off of hard cheeses. We've found it to be the best possible method for cutting and savoring those amazing golden aged goudas.

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