Japanese Water Glass - Small - 11oz - 4.5"

Article number: P-4598
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While this elegant, perfectly proportioned small water glass from esteemed Japanese glassware company Toyo Sasaki is, indeed, a dream vessel for water, it easily does double and triple duty. Ideal for a short pour of beer, a gin and tonic, a coke from a glass bottle, or an ice-cold glass of milk, everything tastes better and go down smooth in this beautiful glass. Shown here with Heather's Rhubarb Syrup and sparkling water. Holds 11 1/2 ounces.

The Toyo and Sasaki Glassworks have been refining and perfecting their everyday glassware for over 140 years (the two competitors combined forces in 2002) and the resulting strong and streamlined vessels are, literally, our everything. Airy-light and incredible delicate (with a beautifully subtle scintillation in the crystal slender walls), the glasses also possess a steely backbone not often found in such fine-feeling pieces. Anyone who's ever had a mazel tov moment while tipsily doing the after-dinner-party-dishes knows just what we're talking about. We miiiight have even accidentally sent a glass rolling down the sidewalk during a cocktail-hour stroll with our intrepid hero/pup Detective and had it come out the other side none the worse for wear (though we can't say as much for the old fashioned inside).

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