Higonokami Folding Knife - Small - Brass - 2 1/4"

Article number: P-11816
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From impromptu charcuterie picnics to cutting lengths of rope for all purposes, from opening packages to slicing a just-picked-peach to share in dappled orchard sunlight, from sharpening a stick for s'mores to gutting a fish, this simple, elegant, extremely sharp Japanese knife has infinite marvelous uses. This style of knife was first crafted in Japan in 1896 by the same expert swordsmiths who made blades for samurai warriors. The resulting blue paper steel blade (which comes to a point to mimic a blade of bamboo grass) is exceptionally fine, slender, and sturdy. Sheathed in a folded sheet of brass embossed with kanjis, an ingenious friction folding mechanism (the simple lever where the blade meets the handle) keeps the knife firmly open or closed. A small lanyard hole makes this perfect for stringing up and carrying every day. That's not a knife, THIS is a knife. 2 1/4" long when closed.

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