Herb Seeds - Lemon Mint

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(aka Bee Balm, Horsemint) Used by Native Americans for medicinal and culinary purposes,the citrus-flavored leaves of lemon mint can be minced and added to fruit jellies. Its beautiful purple bracts, held on 24-30" tall plants, are aromatic and colorful in the fall and attract bees.


  • Conventional
  • Self-seeding annual plants
  • Plants grow to 24-30 inches tall
  • Purple flower bracts attract bees
  • Leaves are aromatic and citrus-flavored


This variety works for:

  • Fresh eating

You can add the leaves of Lemon Mint to salads or salad dressings. The minced leaves have a citrus flavor that can also be added to marmalades and jellies. Lemon Mint pairs well with seafood and chicken.

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