Hasami Porcelain Straight Bowl - Large - Gloss Grey - 10" x 2"

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While every piece looks gorgeous on its own, this ingenious line of Japanese porcelain is designed to stack together. Trays become lids, plates become coasters, cream and sugar come to the table as one, and everyone's shelves are brimming with happiness instead of mismatched dishware. Handmade in the Hasami ceramic district (home to traditional Japanese porcelain works for over 400 years) these pieces are made from a carefully calibrated mixture of local porcelain and clay. This mix, which is left raw on the bottoms and lips of glazed pieces, results in a beautifully matte natural ochre gray color and very fine grit texture that mellows with age and use. The slight roughness of the raw edges keeps pieces stacked firmly, no sliding around. Beautifully brilliant and exceptionally functional, just as it should be.

This lightly glazed Large Gloss Grey straight-sided bowl is divine for serving at the table. Family style never looked so elegant.

Stacks with: Hasami Ash Wood Round Tray - Large, Hasami Porcelain Plate - Large, Hasami Porcelain Round Bowl - Large.

The Hasami collection is available for pre-order only. Samples are available at our shop in Minneapolis if you'd like to see any pieces or glazes in person. Typical lead time from Japan is 2-4 weeks but may occasionally be extended. Please contact us at info@foundryhg.com for specific availability or rush shipping options!

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