Glass Kyusu Teapot with Infuser - Small -15oz

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It's absolutely mesmerizing to watch the beautiful whorls of tea steeping in this elegant glass teapot. Made in Japan since 1921, this brings an extra meditative loveliness to what is arguably already the day's loveliest ritual. A large super-fine mesh stainless steel inset strainer leaves plenty of room for tea leaves to expand and can be removed for serving, cleaning, or for brewing with tea bags. The clear glass, small round handle on the lid, and graceful curves look good on every table. Pass the scones.

3 3/4" tall, 6" wide (counting the spout), brews 15 ounces of tea. A small catch on the top keeps the lid in place while pouring. Dishwasher safe and (obviously) suitable for hot liquids.

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