German Standing Dust Pan + Broom Set Beech Stainless Steel and Horsehair

Article number: T1-23-F-03684
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We find that when something is pretty enough to leave out, it gets used all the more. Nobody puts baby in a corner, but plenty of happy homebodies are more than happy to have these standing friends within easy reach. Architecturally lovely and exquisitely functional, this broom and dust pan set makes quick work of the dirtiest piles. Migrating bread flour, cut ends of flower stems that jumped ship, lost guitar picks, woodstove detritus, and plain old dust don't stand a chance with this workhorse pair. Stable and tip-proof, oiled beechwood handles, horsehair broom, stainless steel dust pan.

Simple assembly with phillips-head screwdriver is required to attach dustpan.

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