Curved Nook and Cranny / Radiator Cleaning Brush

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Our radiators are always hissing at us. If we could speak parseltongue we think they'd be saying "I'm so dusssssssssty! Sssssssssweeeeeeep me!". This magical handcrafted German brush makes cleaning all of those cast iron nooks and crannies easy peasy. With a firm twisted wire body, soft and sturdy horsehair bristles, and a stiff right angle curve at the end, this is specifically designed to reach between those hard-to-reach radiator slats. Oiled beechwood handle and rawhide hanging loop make it easy to keep on hand. Dust? Expelliarmus.

Note: While this is specifically made for radiators, we've also used it on bicycle spokes, porch swing slats, and (most brilliantly) to get at that dust that mystically accumulates in portable fans. Got a nook (and/or a cranny)? This is your brush.

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