Christophe Pourny Leather Serum - 2 oz

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Designed by an expert-Frenchman-furniture-restorer to recondition leather detailed furniture parts (such as desk tops and chairs), this all-natural leather-care tincture is like magic for bringing your beloveds back to life. Winter-tired boots. Dog-bedraggled sofas. Favorite bomber jackets. Two-Pony Harnesses. The Serum can be used topically to halt damage on cracks and scratches and to rejuvenate stiff leathers of all sorts.

Made in Brooklyn, NY, the all-natural, small-batch formulas are hand-mixed by restoration artisans and experts and poured into glass vessels. With no harmful chemicals, solvents, or petroleum distillates, these are richly scented with the organic essences of their all-natural proprietary ingredients.

To use on damaged or distressed spots: Apply serum with dropper on cracks to soften the leather, bring back suppleness, and help stop further deterioration. Great for aged luggage corners, belts, and leather aged by the sun. To use on smooth leather surface: Apply a few drops to a clean cloth and rub evenly over the surface of the leather for moisturizing effect. Also ideal for removing salt stains on shoes/boots. Serum can darken lightened spots on brown and black leather, so test a small area before diving in.

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