Christophe Pourny Leather Cream - 2 oz

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Designed by an expert-Frenchman-furniture-restorer to recondition leather detailed furniture parts (such as desk tops and chairs), this all-natural leather-care tincture is like magic for bringing your beloveds back to life. Winter-tired boots. Dog-bedraggled sofas. Favorite bomber jackets. Two-Pony Harnesses. The Cream moisturizes and protects smooth leathers of all sorts.

Made in Brooklyn, NY, the all-natural, small-batch formulas are hand-mixed by restoration artisans and experts and poured into glass vessels. With no harmful chemicals, solvents, or petroleum distillates, these are richly scented with the organic essences of their all-natural proprietary ingredients. No "shoe polish smell" here.

To use: Apply evenly with a clean rag. Allow product to penetrate before buffing back to a light shine. To achieve a matte finish, do not buff. Cream can darken lighter leathers so test a small area before diving in.

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