10/30/2020 Foundry Giving Friday: Protectors of Equality in Government

10/30/2020 Foundry Giving Friday: Protectors of Equality in Government

Every Friday The Foundry Home Goods donates 5% of our total sales to a different community-nominated small-and-mighty cause. This Friday's Foundry Giving Friday recipient? Protectors of Equality in Government!

Usually our Foundry Giving Friday recipient is community nominated by a member of our Foundry Community, but this week, Anna chose this one because, simply, we believe in the promise of America, in liberty and justice for ALL. We believe in building a safe, clean, fair, and green future for our family—and for yours. Don't you? Together we can.

Protectors of Equality in Government is a non-partisan group of concerned citizens who believe that equality and fairness are essential to democracy. We could say a lot (like, A LOT a lot) about what that means in this exact moment, but these self-evident truths are simple, profound, and deeply American to the core:

The American government will treat all Americans with equality and acceptance.

Every citizen’s vote should carry equal weight and that all citizens should have unimpeded access to voting.

There must be laws that protect all citizens from harassment and discrimination and that these laws must be applied and enforced equally.

Race, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual preference, geographic location, political affiliation, age, skin color, or physical ability can not be the basis for discrimination in legislation or in any government-run or government-supported service or agency.

Vote to make it so in this season, support this work so that we may ALL enjoy the promised freedoms of our precious democracy.

We are pleased and proud to support this critical work this Foundry Giving Friday. If you don't need anything from us, Protectors of Equality in Government. If you DO find yourself in need of beeswax or bulk supplies, know that your purchase goes to support good change happening on the community level.

If YOU have a worthy cause to nominate for our Foundry Giving Friday initiative, pop on over to our Nomination Page and drop us a line. We're all in this together.


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