Blank Perforated Stamp Label Sheet - Red - Square Corners

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Inspired by the once-ubiquitous commemorative poster stamps from the 1890's, these classic lick-n-stick label sheets are lovingly hand-made in Portland, OR by the Portland Stamp Company. Acid-free archival paper backed by all-natural cellulose-based, moisture activated dry-gum adhesive and then run by sheet through a vintage perforator machine. Perfect for embellishing letters, labeling artworks, or upping your pantry organization game-basically any application that doesn't see water. For those concerned, the sticky gum is 100% non-toxic (no Susan-from-Seinfeld moments here) and, because inquiring minds sometimes want to know, animal and gluten free.åÊ

About Poster Stamps: The original "poster stamps" were often used on letterhead and envelopes to promote brands, products, and events, and these small, ephemeral items provide visually stunning examples of the popular art movements of the time. Work of famed designers such as Lucien Bernhard and Alphonse Mucha can be found on poster stamps.


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