Black + White Enamel Deep Round Baking Dish or Serving Tray - 12"

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Be still our hearts, this is the baking dish dreams are made of (and yes, we are just the sort of people who have dreams about baking dishes). With its signature glossy enamel coating and hand-painted contrast details, we happen to think this steel cookware is gorgeous, but, like all true love affairs, we're not just in it for the looks. Enamelware is classic and timeless, lightweight, easy to clean, rust-averse, safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, or freezer, and long lasting. There's a reason your grandmother still has hers. Ideal for cooking but, since it's a real looker, it also has infinite applications out of the oven: nosh party tray, kiddo art-in-progress wrangler, bedside corraller, home for wayward plants. The list goes on.

This 12" round is perfect for large and deep tartes or roasting small chickens and serving them en place to table. OR for carrying a load of cocktails out to the garden party. Or both (but not at the same time).

Take Care: Like many centuries-old techniques, the hand-dipped coating + hand-painted details can present subtle variations in each piece. We think they're charming, and, never fear, these "imperfections" won't affect use. Enamelware is metal-not ceramic, so don't put it in the microwave!- and while it can withstand extreme temperatures and a host of other abuses (looking at you: camping with children) enamel's kryptonite is its vitreous coating. Don't bang it with a spoon or drop it like it's hot (even if it's hot!) or it can chip.

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