Little Wire Rake Beechwood Comb + Brush Cleaner

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THIS THING IS SO TINY AND AMAZING. Like a 2" version of a miniature wire rake, this spiky and supple wire-bristled comb is a brush for cleaning your brushes. If thinking about funky hairbrushes makes you bristle, this is the tool for you. Easily, effortlessly, and‰ÛÓdare we say?‰ÛÓpleasurably gets hair and fuzz from individual pins, pegs, and bristles in way that we have literally always dreamed of. While the hairbrush use-case is front of mind for us, this is also a great friend for ALL the brushes in your collection: from bits of schmutz in the washing up whisk to sheepskin floofs in your sheepskin flicker, mud on your garden tool brush, gunk in your drain brush, or errant hairs in...literally every other brush in your arsenal, this little friend effortlessly combs it out in an ever so satisfying way. 3" long.

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