Beam Watercolor Paintstones #43 Waaskonense Violet Blue

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Raised by two artists in M'chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island in Canada, Anong Beam was taught the power of color and palette from an early age. She would go with her father to harvest hematite pigment in the Lacloche Mountains and watch him prepare his ""painting stones"" using ceramic bowls, drumheads, or rocks. Her indigenous-owned, female-led paint company is a testament to this rich tradition and artistic legacy. Like the colors of the natural world, these respectfully crafted paints are plastic free, utilizing either hand-cut white cedar or birch pans from a sustainable indigenous lumber operation on island or beeswaxed wrapping cloths. The paints themselves are smooth, luscious, and easy to work with. Made with Manitoulin honey, wildcrafted tree sap, hand-gathered, washed and sifted stone, and the finest lightfast pigments, Anong's exquisite watercolors call forth the palette of the natural world. In Ojibwe, ""-aande"" means ""it is colored"". Ziigwun'aande. It is colored the sweet and hopeful green of spring. Zoogpoh'aande. It is colored the soft quiet hush of drifted snow. Dwaagi Azaadibuk'aande. It is colored the last burst of flaming fall yellow of the changing poplar tree. What colors will you use to paint your dreams?

All of Anong's exquisite paints are made by hand, with love, from naturally foraged and sustainably sourced pigments. Some variations on shape and color can vary from batch to batch (and thus is the nature of color itself). And, while these are ""all natural"", come on: don't eat them.

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