Large Nickel Champagne Bucket or Planter - Square Foot - 15 x 17"

Article number: T2-23-F-11359
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This is it. The thing that takes a get together from "fine time" to "night to remember". The thing that takes a host from "lovely human" to "entertaining icon". The thing that makes "Thursday" feel like "how you always wish New Year's Eve would feel". We might posit that there is nothing so glorious as this classic French-style chiller, frosty-sided and loaded up with ice and the beverage of your choosing. One Foundry family member uses hers in lieu of a plastic cooler/precious fridge space as the obvious answer when guests arrive bearing a bottle asking "where should I put this?". It's just that easy. Also, in a complete 180, makes a fabulous home for plants and/or a mass of forcing winter bulbs. You do you. 15" x 17".

Oh, my! Are we out of stock? This is one of our Foundry favorites (which means they get snagged pretty quickly *but!* they will always come back, we promise). Would you like us to tell you when we get more in stock? Shoot us an email at info@foundryhg and you'll be the first to know.

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