Exacompta FAF Refillable Metal Desk Pad - Blank - Large - 5" x 8

Article number: P-17065
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As makers of lists, lightning-bolt-idea-havers, lovers of notes, and keepers of tidy desks (that last one is a work in progress), we are absolutely enchanté with this refillable French desk pad. The "FAF" pad—"Fabrique en France", non?—is made in Paris in a workshop built by Gustave Eiffel (perhaps you've heard of his tower?). Highly practical and deeply beautiful in the way of well-designed objects, this pad is based on a design from the 1920's. Comes with 200 easy to tear micro-perforated blank pages (the paper of which is a joy to write on), and refills are available, bien sûr. Bring on les idées!
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