Zero Waste Binder Kit

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Sometimes you need to hold on to your precious papers in a way that is efficient and easy. But do you need to hold on to them FOREVER!? Traditional vinyl binders are certainly cheap and durable. But, once they're are made, they're here for the longest of hauls. For what? Storing class papers? As a species, some of our priorities need work. This zero-waste binder kit is produced by a small, purpose-driven, women-owned B-Corp operating out of a one room warehouse/office staffed by the founders and a few local students on a shared mission to prevent waste. The act of assembling the binder is intended to imprint the repairability of the product, as well as to spur thought about waste and product design. If you reach the usable lifespan of the included cover, you can disassemble it and make another binder. Plus, you can easily decorate it to your heart's content in a way that meets (and some would say exceeds) Lisa-Frank-type expectations.


Pre-Drilled Cover

1" Binder Mechanism

2 Posts + 2 Screws

1 Set of Binder 5-Tab Dividers

1 Slash Pocket Folder

How-To Instructions


Binder covers are:

100% Recycled Cover

100% Recyclable Cover

Made in the U.S. in a wind-powered factory.

Binder Spine: 1 3/4"

Metal D-Ring: 1"

Length x Width: 11 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Cardboard Thickness: 1/8"

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