Yuba Coffee Table - Solid White Oak - Sienna

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Why is it so hard to find a good coffee table? Everyone needs one and yet...wobbly, ornate, clunky iterations abound. This subtle, gorgeous, low-slung table looks right at home in most every room and is as hardy as it is handsome. While supporting guests, eager to join the conversation on the couch sitting on it at parties, you know it'll happen and it's more than up to the task. 42"W x 22"D x 14"H

*FLOOR SAMPLE* This table comes pre-loved, with a small dent on the side and some light scratching on the top.

About the line: Medal, Mettle, Metal. Hand-fashioned from the simplest + sturdiest raw, sustainably forested white oak and finished with house-made tung oil, this beautiful Brooklyn-based furniture line wins a gold medal for stylish sustainability. Intricate classical Chinese joinery methods allow the wood to breathe, expanding and contracting without splitting or warping when humidity and temperature tests its mettle. These traditional wood joints are ancient, complex, and beautiful, going well beyond standard dovetailing, and they allow these pieces to seamlessly come together with zero screws or nails...absolutely no metal.

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