Wool Rainbow Strip Baby Pram Blanket

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Warmer than a cuppa, lighter than a trifle, and toastier that Mr. Darcy's ripostes, this delightfully soft wool blanket is the perfect thing for cosying up babes (royal or otherwise) when out and about in the pram. How quintessentially British! Woven in the UK from naturally fine and soft Merino sheepswool.p

Take Care: British wool has long been treasured for its warmth + durability. The Roman emperors who invaded the islands shortly after 55 BC cherished British woolens, saying it was "so fine it was comparable with a spider's web". They didn't put it in the dryer and neither should you. Spot clean, put in the washing machine on cold with a wool-suitable detergent, don't wring, and lay flat or hang to dry. If your blanket feels stiff after drying, you can brush it to reinvigorate the nap.

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