Wool Dish Sponges - Set of 2

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How do ewe do the dishes? These 100% Wool Sponges are an ingenious all-natural alternative to synthetic dish sponges which are made from the tears of sad sea turtles (just kidding, they're made of plastic polymers, so same same?). Pure, naturally antimicrobial felted wool is the perfect gentle, sudsing scrubber, with no harmful microplastics. Just like a classic yellow sponge has its green side, we love to pair this with a hard-scrubbing brush or copper pot cleaner kept sinkside. The perfect power duo, no yellow-green codependency. Lather, scrub, rinse, and lay to dry between uses. Lovingly handmade in the USA in North Carolina. 100% USA Wool, 5" x 5" each.

Take Care: When you first start using a wool sponge, it will naturally felt up into a smaller size and shape. This is part of its process and actually increases the strength of the sponge. It won't keep shrinking, so just keep on scrubbing. When it's time to put your wool sponge out to pasture, this can go right in the compost.

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