Wooden Rainbow Ball Set

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You could roll them. You could jiggle them all around (juggle?). You could put them on a grapefruit. You could make them in a tunnel. You could make them in a maze! You could make them like a rainbow. You could serve them at tea. You could play crocket (croquet?). You could put your hands on them and make them move all around. You could put them on a ramp. Can we ask Auntie Lillian about them more?- Lois, age 3. These multi-colored rainbow balls are smooth to the touch and utterly beautiful, perfect for all kinds of games and sorting setups. We particularly love them with the wooden tunnels and rainbows set up as "tracks". Let your imagination run wild. Comes in a canvas storage bag for easy wrangling. 12 balls, each ~1 1/3"

About the line: Heirloom-quality wooden toys lovingly hand-crafted from sustainably timbered hardwoods in Germany in a small, family-owned workshop by elves, er, humans? Meet Grimm's toys. The fairy tale is real. Gorgeous tactile blocks, sweet little friends on wheels, stacking bowls and boxes, interlocking shapes...all in an array of natural hand-sanded wood tones and velvety soft and rich kiddo-safe rainbow hues. Simple and timeless for every nursery, streamlined and gorgeous enough to keep out on any coffee table.

Take Care: These toys are made to last for generations. Drop them in the sandbox? Covered them in buttercream? Wipe down with a damp rag and they're good as new. Like with all woodenware, don't submerge for extended periods in water as blocks will absorb liquid.

These beloved toys are made by hand in small quantities and it's our top priority to get these beautiful, mind-expanding playthings into hands-large and small-who will use and love them. Please note: the re-selling of any of our handmade toys is prohibited and purchases are limited to 2 of any one item per delivery season. If you are not a "collector" and simply have a legitimate dreamy need for, say, a whole herd of unicorns at one fell swoop (which we totally get!), please get in touch and we'll be happy to make an exception.

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