Whipped Shea Butter Large - 5 oz

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Hand-whipped especially for us by Anna's friend Zara, these sleek tins of luscious and airy shea butter are downright miraculous. Ideologically similar to coconut oil, the rich, all-natural, nutrient dense "butter" comes from the nut of the African Shea tree and has been used for infinite applications-from cooking to baby balm to waterproofing to to slathering all over your one precious body-for thousands of years. The nuts for this shea butter come from trees outside of a town called Minna in western Nigeria, rendered into raw solid butter by friends of Zara's sister, and then sent to Minneapolis to be hand-whipped-by Zara herself. 100% organic with no additives, the butter reads like a rich "salve", redolent with only the subtle, lovely, natural aroma of the tree itself. Like coconut oil, shea butter is solid at room temperature and then melts on contact with gentle heat, making the act of applying this to the body one of meditative indulgence and self-transformation as it (literally) melts into the skin. A little goes a long way. We love it when stepping out of the bath or as a gift to winter-dry or work-loved hands. It can also be an incredible moisture-intensive for face and chest-the single origin, single ingredient, additive-free treatment pretty much defines clean beauty without gimmick. We love this stuff and you will too. 5 oz in a reusable tin/tin colors vary (but are always solid, label free, and lovely).

Take Care: Shea butter is solid at room temperature and liquid in heat, so don't leave this tin in your car in the summertime and then pick it up and drop it sideways into your purse to take inside to treat your hands after getting all scratchy going berry picking (ahem, Anna).

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