Washed French Linen Baby Crib Fitted Sheet - Lytchee Pink - 28 x 55 x 6 in

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We'll save you a read through "Bringing up Bébé": if the French are indeed raising bébés supérieurs it's probably not (only) the quality of the baguettes. We'd like to think that every little Jacques + Clothilde is blissfully sleeping through the night because they're slumbering on gorgeous, easy-to-care for linen sheeting. Not only do linen sheets look right at home in très chic nurseries, they are also the best temperature regulator of all natural fibers, keeping in warmth during chillier seasons and staying cool when it's hot. And like all things beautiful, linen, and French, this sheeting gets better and better and better with age, tumbling out of every wash and dry cycle like a tousled linen Bardot. Good news for those of us who deal with multiple washings and could all use a little Provençal magic (i.e. parents).
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