Wash Basin Cleaning Brush Set

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Perfectly designed to tackle the highly-specific (and highly-grimy) parts of the sink, this ingenious pint-sized three brush set is definitely one of those things that you didn't know you needed it until you discovered it existed. The long-handled plughole brush is equipped with shirt, rigid, grabby bristles, designed to grab hard to reach trapped hair and other grossness from down the drain. The small circular bristly plughole brush cleans down and around the drain hole. With its natural scrubby bristles and firm-but-slightly-flexible wire spine, the right-angled overflow brush is just the thing for getting down into the overflow (the little hole in the sink that keeps it from overflowing if it gets clogged). Tell us true: have you ever cleaned that? Well, now's the time. Three small brushes come on a ring, easy for tucking into your cleaning kit, the long hair-grabbing brush is 11" long for scale.

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