Wall Mounted Enamel Soap Dish - Navy Blue

Article number: P-16374
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The exact intersection of small space cleanly dreams and French Provencal countryside cottage imaginings. Inspired by vintage French versions from the 1800's this wall-mounted enamel soap dish is an updated take on the iconic classic. Highly hygienic enamel is as functional as it is lovely, with a removable slotted insert for dry and happy soaps. Easily mounts with the nail or screw of your choice via the hole in the demi-lune back. 5.31" x 4.33"

Heavy metal free and food safe (if you need to set your croissant on it, say), enamelware is metal-not ceramic-made from steel fused with melted glass and fired at exceptionally high temperatures to achieve its signature glossy-hard finish. This process makes it easy to clean, rust-averse, highly hygienic, and long lasting. There's a reason your grandmother still has hers. Like many centuries-old techniques, the hand-dipped coating + hand-painted details can present subtle variations in each piece. We think they're charming, and, never fear, these "imperfections" won't affect use. Don't drop it or bang it with a hammer, though, enamel can chip.

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