Vetiver and Black Pepper Cream Deodorant - 2 oz

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This luscious cream deodorant is made with all the odor-absorbing ingredients of Lulu‰Ûªs signature hair powder beautifully blended with herbally-infused oils. Since chemicals are easily absorbed through our skin, especially through the tender underarm area, it‰Ûªs important to make sure your deodorant cream contains the safest ingredients possible. Our cream deodorant is handmade from organic ingredients that do not contain synthetic fragrances, chemicals or aluminum.

USES: Apply a dime size amount under the armpit and massage in. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Ingredients: *organic coconut oil, *organic jojoba oil, *organic shea butter, *organic non-gmo cornstarch, kaolin clay, aluminum-free baking soda, *organic horsetail, *organic rosemary, *organic comfrey, *organic essential oils, vitamin e, non-gmo lecithin / *Certified Organic

About The Line: Dreamed up in the herbalist foraging meadows of upstate New York and perfected around kitchen tables in Brooklyn (where Founder Linda 'Lulu' Aldredge's family is from) Lulu Organics' witchy, wonderful products are now meticulously made by hand right here in Minneapolis. An early adapter of "no ingredients we can't pronounce and only things we feel good about using, thanks" style of self-care, it's easy to see/smell why these lovely organic body-care products have a fierce and devoted following (ourselves included).

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