Tulip Fringed 'Labrador' - Half Dozen Bulbs

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There is no greater metaphor for resilience, abundance, generosity, beauty, and the human capacity for intention setting than the spring-blooming bulb. Bulbs are our favorite kind of gardeners gift, both to gift to green-thumbed dear ones and to receive from the Earth herself. Nestled into the fallowing grounds of autumn and holding out until the first sun-tilted warmth of spring (ahhh, spring!! remember her?) brings wick back to the soil, a bulb is like a little hope-bomb, waiting to send up a flag to remind us of what is possible with a (very) little forethought.

A tulip for Ruby! Saturated deep-red bloom with dangerously delicate frilled fringe edging. Gothic romance, labrador stule.

Tulips are *technically* perennials but some cultivars don't bloom consistently year after year in some climates. These petals, though...WORTH IT. We recommend planting them slightly shallower in the event you end up wanting to move or replace them.

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