Traditional Highland Tartan Wool Throw - Dress Stewart - 60" x 72

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An exquisitely snuggly woolen blanket, woven from virgin lambswool in the iconic "Dress Stewart" tartan. If you're a lover of history, then you'll like to know that "Dress" plaids, with their light backgrounds, were traditionally worn in the Scottish Highlands to denote clan during special occasions, such as a Highland Dance. When worn as a kilt, the bright white background would draw the eye to the movement, grace, and strength of the dancer's body. If you're a lover of being cozy, then you'll like to know that this is a dang cozy blanket. The 60" x 72" size makes a very generous lap blanket and we love to use it as an additional layer at the foot of smaller beds (especially ideal if one bed-partner sleeps hot and the other cold).

Take Care: British wool has long been treasured for its warmth + durability. The Roman emperors who invaded the islands shortly after 55 BC cherished British woolens, saying it was "so fine it was comparable with a spider's web". They didn't put it in the dryer and neither should you. Spot clean, put in the washing machine on cold with a wool-suitable detergent, don't wring, and lay flat or hang to dry. If your blanket feels stiff after drying, you can brush it to reinvigorate the nap.

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