Too Good To Waste: How to Eat Everything

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sure. But what do you do with all of those squeezed out lemon skins? Even if reimagining the week's leftovers into more than the sum of their parts isn't your idea of heaven (like it is for some of us) this beautiful cheeky volume has us rethinking how we shop, what we make, and how we make it. Reducing food waste and saving money isn't necessarily the goal (though those are certainly nice side effects), rather, cook and food writer Victoria Glass gives you the tools to think beyond the compost bin to extract every last edible drop from your ingredients. From herb oils to pickled blueberries, from pumpkin seed brittle to preserved post-lemonade lemons, this book is a beautiful guide to brilliantly repurposing the odds and ends we might have otherwise tossed in the bin.
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