The New American Herbal

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We find ourselves running our hands across the pages of this richly informative, gorgeously photographed book as though it were the sun-warmed branches of a giant rosemary bush or the rich, furry leaves of clary sage. Reading through this herbarium intensive gives us as much pleasure as the care and feeding of our own kitchen and medicinal herb gardens (with a hefty dose of the hopeful joy of a seed catalog in winter). Presented in A-Z format, modern garden master Stephen Orr compiles hundreds of exhaustingly researched entries on extraordinarily useful, beautiful, flavorful, and healing herbs—from the well-known (parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme) to the aspirational (chervil, chamomile, lovage), from the medicinal (meadowsweet, artemesia, boneset) to the ornamental (monkshood, perilla) this book is a delight for lovers of plants.
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