TGC Denim Wash with Orange Oil

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Your favorite jeans are precious beyond measure. When you wash them, you want them to come out exactly like they went in. This specialized denim wash contains no corrosive alkalis, cleaning jeans (and rinsing completely clean) without eating into the cotton fibers or lightening the rinse. Washing denim inside out, on low temps, with this naturally (delicious) smelling wash will keep them looking like new, even after their billionth wear.

Ingredients: 30% Aqua, 5-15% coconut alcohol sulphate (anionic surfactant), sugar surfactant (nonionic surfactant), <5% alcohol, sodium chloride, soya bean lecithin, citrate and essential oils from orange (limonene and linalool).

About the line: Inspired in part by the sartorial elegance and meticulous garment care of founder David Samuelsson's Grandfather (who, as a chimney sweep would have known a thing or two about getting stains out), Tangent Garment Care is committed to providing superior, sustainable, all-natural, clean garment care products. Developed in Sweden, each of their delicious concoctions is specially formulated exactly for their chosen task. Ingredients you can pronounce, smells you can get behind, and results you can trust.

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